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Phaniendr Kumar Valluri
Vice President:
A. Meenakumari
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Invited talk on Science behind and Beyond the Art of Singing at Department Music , University of Hyderabad on 2nd Feb. 2024

Invited talk on  Advances in Office Based Laryngology during Phonoco-2024 at Guwahati on 10th Feb. 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Prof. V. Phaniendrakumar, Emeritus Prof, ENT with
Dr, Thomas Carroll
at the 52nd Annual Symposium of The Voice Foundation

We cordially invite you for our 17th Phonosurgery course and International workshop on Hybrid basis on 28th and 29th of October 2023. On 28th October there will be LIVE SURGICAL DEMO on Office Based Laryngeal Surgeries and Phonomicrosurgeries and LECTURES by eminent National and Intenational Faculty on Virtual (Zoom) basis. On 29th October we will conduct HANDS ON TRAINING (Goat Larynx) on Thyroplasty with Arytenoid adduction technique,Injection Laryngoplasty and Office based Laryngeal Procedures at Century Hospital Road No 12, Banjara hills, Hyderabad. Probably this is the first dual or hybrid concept based Phonosurgery workshop from India designed for the convenience of the delegates saving their time and money. This Course is organized in association with Association of Phonosurgeons of India, India Chapter of Voice Foundation (USA) and AOI telangana, Hyderabad, Telangana SLP association and Sri Sathya Sai Institute of ENT and Melody Voice Clinic, Guntur, A.P.
With all our sincere efforts and your co-operation we hope we can make this Course a memorable scientific event. Looking forward to your gracious participation.

Prof. V. Phaniendrakumar, Emeritus Prof, ENT
Organizing Chairman & Course Director
Director Sri Sathya Sai ENT &
Melody Voice Clinic Guntur (AP) / Hyderabad(TS)
Founder President APSI,
President India Chapter of Voice Foundation

17th Phonosurgery Course – International workshop and 1st Hands on Office based Larngology in India’ organized by Melody Voice Clinic in association with India Chapter Voice Foundation on 28th and 29th October 2023.


1. To build a large society with members consisting of ENT Surgeons, Laryngologists, Speech & language Pathologists, Singers, performing artists, other professional voice users and students to discuss about the basic Anatomy and physiology of voice production and pathology of voice disorders
2. To educate the importance of voice hygiene techniques, to bring awareness about world class surgical and voice rehabilitation advancements available for the management of simple and complex voice disorders
3. To organize at least four annual meetings with guest lectures, workshops, keynote address, case presentations related to voice disorders
4. To create platform for research and exchange of views between Indian Voice academicians and other members of Voice Foundation with the permission of TVF
5. To organize World Voice Day events through media, press and other social organizations
6. To focus is on local activities connecting various voice professionals with each other and encourage to join as members. Ultimately to meet the Foundation’s goals and policies through education and research education.

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