China Chapter of The Voice Foundation

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President:CHINA Logo
Jack Jiang, MD, PhD
Vice President:
Wen Xu, MD
Jun Shao, MD
Peiyun Zhuang, MD

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Chapter Information

The goals of this Chapter are: To build a broader community of laryngologists, speech & language pathologists, singing coaches and voice trainers in order to create a venue for discussing challenges in the care of the patient with complex voice and related disorders.

Membership and the meetings will be open to surgeons, speech-language pathologists, nurses, voice scientists, actors, singers, speech pathology students, residents and medical students and students.

Chapter Events

Meeting dates to be announced

  • There will be 4 annual meetings
  • Meetings will be designed in order to elicit a vibrant exchange regarding pathophysiology, case management, roles for surgical, medical, and voice rehabilitation interventions and other pertinent areas of interest.
    • Guest Presenters
    • Case presentations
    • Workshops
    • Master Classes
    • Other
  • Presentations and discussions are
    • Targeted at established and young professionals in the field of voice
      • Those with a high-level working knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and vocal pedagogy.
      • Beginning level knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and vocal pedagogy.