Leading Roles

A Corporate Partner takes a Leading Role in The Voice Foundation’s unique and important position in the world of voice, bringing together physicians, scientists, speech-language pathologists, performers, and teachers to share their knowledge and expertise in the care of the voice user.

Through their support, Corporate Partners of The Voice Foundation become partners in advancing understanding of the voice through interdisciplinary scientific research and education.

Supporting The Voice Foundation is to support our member’s work and professional development, creating a positive dialogue between company and customer.

Corporate Sponsorship Packages: Leading Roles


$5,000      The Diva’s Aria

The Diva’s Aria

  • Website Featured Corporate Partner on main page linked to Corporate Sponsor Page. This remains for two months.
    • $500
  • Banner and corporate profile on Corporate Sponsor Page linked to your website for one year.
    • $1000
  • Re-branding Ad (or rotating ad) in the sidebar of our Emails for six months, one email per week. (or at the bottom, if visibility is better and you prefer). Emails are clickable from our Facebook and Twitter Pages.
    • $1000 value
  • Ad in two Newsletters
    • (Fall and Winter)$500 ($250/newsletter)
  • Credit toward one Advertising Flyer in the symposium attendee folders
    • $500

Sponsorship: Sing a Solo Song

In addition to the Corporate Partnership program, TVF also offers Solo Song Options for events and programs.
For more information, contact 215-735-7999 or office@voicefoundation.org

Corporate Partners

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For more information, contact 215-735-7999 or office@voicefoundation.org