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  • Broadening the Circle: The Formative Years and the Future of The Voice Foundation


    Broadening the CircleBroadening the Circle by Martha Howe, is more than a celebration and history of The Voice Foundation: indeed, it might be argued that it is, truly, the ‘state of the art’ (and the science!).

    Here is a fascinating and illuminating chronicle of the development of the science and art of voice, told by the scientists, teachers, speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and voice performers who have influenced – and continue to influence – this still-new and developing science built around the complexities of the human voice.

  • Flow Ball


    Free shipping!! Flow-ball by POWERbreathe is a respiratory exercising device, designed to encourage a focused and steady breath which is particularly useful to those in Performing Arts where breath control is fundamental. By targeting and challenging the breathing muscles using the Flowball you can increase the control and the stability of your exhaled airflow. This…

  • TVF Red Sweatshirt


    Beautiful thick red Voice Foundation Logo hoodie sweatshirt.

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