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The Voice Foundation’s Audio Pronunciation Guide

teaches you the correct English pronunciation of medical/voice terminology.
Find the Pronunciation Guide here.

Perceptual Voice Qualities Database (PVQD)

*The authors and Voice Foundation website should be acknowledged, but this information is freely available for use

Perceptual Voice Qualities Database


296 Audio Files (in .wav format) of the CAPE-V vowels and sentences.
Research done by Patrick R. Walden, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, St. John’s University

This database was created through generous funding from The Voice Foundation’s Advancing Scientific Voice Research Grant.
It contains voice samples which have been rated by experienced voice professionals (at least 3 different raters with a minimum of 2 years’ clinical experience) in order to provide educators with standardized materials to better train pre-service clinical voice professionals.
*The author  and The Voice Foundation website should be acknowledged, but that information is freely available for use.

Read more about it here.

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