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This content was originally brought to you by The Voice Problem Website, a non-profit educational website funded through the Watergate Voice Foundation. The Voice Problem Website’s entire purpose is to support patients with voice disorders as they seek healing for the more complex, more intractable voice problems. The Voice Problem Website is currently unavailable while undergoing a major update.

Volunteer Editorial Board

The Voice Problem Website is a dedicated work in progress involving a consortium of six recognized voice surgeons who structure, write, and edit the medical information in these pages. Committed to voice disorders and recognized around the world as voice specialists, this small grouping of physicians completed some thousand hours of effort on their own time. The whole of their work has been without compensation.

The Voice Problem Website also involved a nationwide pool of voice specialist Contributors and Reviewers who gave dedicated work to the process.


Charles N. Ford, M.D., F.A.C.S.
University of Wisconsin Clinical Science Center, WI
Robert T. Sataloff, M.D., DMA
Drexel University, College of Medicine,  PA
Jamie A. Koufman, M.D.
Voice Institute of New York, NY
Peak Woo, M.D.
The Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY
Clark Rosen, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center, PA
Steven M. Zeitels, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Harvard Medical School, MA


Mara Behlau, Ph.D.
Center of Voice Study, São Paulo, Brazil
Glenn Gardner, M.D.
Henry Ford Hospital, MI
Thomas Murry, Ph.D.
Columbia-Presbyterian University, NY
Diane Bless, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, WI
Gaelyn Garrett, M.D.
Vanderbilt Voice Center, TN
C. Blake Simpson, M.D.
University of Texas Health Sciences Center, TX
Daniel Boone, Ph.D.
University of Arizona, AZ
Yolanda Heman-Ackah, M.D.
Philadelphia Voice Center,
Bala Cynwyd, PA
Kimberly Steinbauer, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA
Robert A. Buckmire, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA
Robert Hillman, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School, MA
Bill Stern, M.S.
Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation, NJ
Linda M. Carroll, Ph.D.
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY
Henry Hoffman, M.D.
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, IA
Lucian Sulica, M.D.
Beth israel Medical Center, NY
Nadine Connor, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, WI
J. Scott McMurray, M.D.
University of Wisconsin, WI
Susan Thiebault, Ph.D.
University of Utah, UT
Robert Ferris, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA
Andy McWhorter, M.D.
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, LA
Gayle Woodson, M.D.
University of Florida, FL


Victoria L. M. Herrera, M.D.
Managing Editor
Pranav Kothari, M.D.
Managing Director
Geoffrey Long
Electronic Production Editor
Zachary Stillerman, M.B.A.
Associate Managing Editor
Deborah Netlev
Lay Editor

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