2023 November The Voice Newsletter

The Voice!
From the Editor, Then & Now!

Kimberly Steinhauer, Ph.D.
President, Estill Voice International
Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to this special investigative issue focused on uncovering the motivation, devotion, and drive behind The Voice Foundation Leaders…Then & Now.  I’m keeping it current and borrowing from those popular “Then/Now” social media memes.  Back then, I hoped to combine my love of music with my interest in science and my joy of teaching.  I can say that I did pursue undergraduate, graduate degrees, and a career that combined all three; and now, I am still devoted to voice as a singer, researcher, and educator. I aspired to be part of The Voice Foundation community then, and I am happy editing for the newsletter now. (Although, I must confess that my “now” photo is a bit “then!”)

The 2023 Symposium’s G. Paul Moore Lecture, by the accomplished Ms. Margaret Baroody, M.M., highlighted the institutional knowledge of The Voice Foundation. Her scintillating speech sparked the genesis for my probing survey, “Ten Questions for our Leaders.” I’m grateful for the answers from our Executive Director, Ian DeNolfo, our Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Michael Johns III, and our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Robert T. Sataloff. Although they all acknowledged the many others working behind the scenes, I hope you enjoy seeing and learning from the core of our Voice Foundation Leadership team, Then & Now.

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