2023 Voice Workshops

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Directions and Map to the Academy of Vocal Arts 

The 2023 Workshops 

June 2nd at the Academy of Vocal Arts
1920 Spruce St., Philadelphia PA 19103
Thirty-five Voice Workshops in Five Sessions.
Attend one workshop per session (5 sessions) for a total of $100.

Body Awareness
Mindfulness of Breath, Body Sensations & Affect for Vocal Learning
Aude Cardona, BM

Transgender Voice
Acoustic Assumptions: Fine-Tuning Resonance in Gender-Affirming Voice Training
Sandy Hirsch, MS CCC-SLP

Voice Pedagogy
Training ‘Classical’ Singers to Stop Sounding ‘Classical’
Jeannie LoVetri

Breathing & Meaning: Body Budgeting & the Brain
Brenda Smith, DMA

Consent, Boundaries & Instructional Touch for the Voice Professional
Jeremy Sortore, MFA, MM, BM

Voice Rehabilitation
Sympathetic/Para-Sympathetic Balance: Increase Mindfulness, Enhance Readiness
Carol Krusemark, MA CCC-SLP

Voice Science & Technology
Real-Time Mapping of Phonation Types
Sten Ternstrom, PhD

Body Awareness
Intentional Transitions: Mindful Movement Sequences for an Embodied Practice
Marita Stryker, MM, BM, Christine Schneider, BM

Voice Pedagogy
Resonance Tuning: from Declarative Knowledge to Procedural Application
Kenneth Bozeman, MM, BM

Care in Teaching the Adolescent Female Middle Register
Lisa Willson DeNolfo, DMA, MM, BA

A Commercial Sounds Master Class
Lisa Popeil, MFA

Kinesthetic Voice Training with Estill & Alexander Technique
Kimberly Steinhauer, PhD, Diane Gaary, MFA

Voice Rehabilitation
Working with Patients with Benign Vocal Fold Lesions: Pre- & Post- Operative VoiceTherapy 
Anna White,BMedSci, MClinRes, Paul Carding, PhD, BA, MsC,
Jarrad van Stan, PhD CCC-SLP

Voice Science & Technology
Electroglottography & FonaDyn Software: Practicing Phonation Types for Artistic & Functional Purposes
Mauro Fiuza, MS, Filipa La, PhD

Body Awareness
Activating the Reverse Support for Self-tone Expression
Tais Viera, PhD

Voice Pedagogy
Working with Advanced Belters: Beyond the Basics
Amanda Flynn, MM

Training Laryngeal Function in the Bel Canto Repertoire: Using Historical Treatises in Today’s Singing
Rachelle Jonck, BA, Derrick Goff, MM, BA

A Scaffolded Approach Toward Vocal Development
Christianne Roll, EdD, Jeanne Goffi-Flynn, EdD

Manual Therapy as a Modality for Treating Jaw & Tongue Tension in Singers
Leda Scearce, MM, MS CCC-SLP

Four Different Types of Voice Distortions for Contemporary Music
Fernando Zimmerman, EdS

Voice Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of Pediatric Voice: Strategies for Pre-school & School-Aged Children
Maia Braden, MS CCC-SLP

Voice Science & Technology
High-Speech Videoendoscopy: Recording & Analysis Workshop
Rita Patel, PhD, Michael Doellinger, PhD

Body Awareness
Don’t Over-Extend Yourself! Increasing Vocal Power & Ease by Correcting Postural Support & Alignment
Ruth Williams Hennessy, MM

Voice Pedagogy
The Use of Rough Effects in Singing – The Science, Sounds, and Practice of Singing with Distortions, Grunts, Growls, Screams, and Many Others in a Healthy Manner
Mathias Aean, PhD, MA, BA, Cathrine Sadolin

A Practical Guide for the Use of Vocal Registers as a Voice Building Tool in the Singing Studio
Stephen Austin, PhD, MM

Building Expression in Singing 
Melissa Grady, PhD, Sheri Cook-Cunningham, PhD

“Please, I Really Want to Sing This Song!” Taking a Student-Centered Approach to Selecting Repertoire
Marisa Naismith, PhD, MM

Connecting to the Song: Emotionally, Musically & Vocally
Edrie Means-Weekly, MM, BME

Voice Rehabilitation
Application of Motor Learning Theory Principles to Facilitate Transfer of Voice Therapy Goals
Douglas Roth, MM, CCC-SLP, Christine Murphy Estes, MM, CCC-SLP

Voice Science & Technology
RespTrack:  A New Real-Time Software for Visualizing Breathing
Filipa La, PhD, Johan Sundberg, PhD

Body Awareness
Sing From the Floor, Shatter the Ceiling!
Rebekah Ankrom-Baker, MM, BM

Transgender Voice
Using Repertoire to Navigate Vocal Transitions from Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy
Isabella Ferrari, MA

Voice Pedagogy
Performance Magic:  The Slight of Aerodynamics, The Mastery of Filter Manipulation
Linda Carroll, PhD, MPhil, MS CCC-SLP, BM, BS

Rock-Style Singing in the Musical Theater Audition
Matt Edwards, DMA, MM

Voice Rehabilitation
Developing & Keeping optimal Professional Voice: A Guide for Routine Care
Maria Claudia Franca, PhD CCC-SLP

Voice Science & Technology
VoceVista as Pedagogical Tool: Close Vowels in the High Voice of the ‘Classical’ Treble Singer
Kelly Hijleh, GPD, BM

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