Award to Anna Rumbach

photo ANNA RUMBACHAnna Rumbach, PhD, MSpPathSt, BSc

has been awarded the  4th Annual Hamdan International Presentation Award for her research presentation:

Prevention of Laryngeal Contractures After Ingestion and  Inhalation Injuries: Can Voice Therapy Help?
Anna Rumbach, Nicola Clayton

Her paper will be presented on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at the JOINT MEETING: 44th Annual Symposium Care of the Professional Voice & International Association of Phonosurgery in Philadelphia. In 2012, This award recognizes excellence among researchers coming from outside of the United States  and is generously endowed by Dr. Abdul-latif Hamdan.

Dr. Rumbach’s past and current research has largely focused on the speech pathology management of the burn injured patient. In recent years, her work in burn injury and critical care has led to the development of international practice guidelines for swallowing and communication disorders after burn injury.

This award is open to investigators who are accepted to present in the yearly Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice and who are coming from outside the United States.

Selection is based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to the quality of the study or studies, the impact of investigation on the field of voice, and the complexity of the work. The award will be given to an investigator who is the PRESENTING Author (and preference will be given if it is also the First Author) traveling from overseas (anywhere outside of  North America) to the Annual meeting of The Voice Foundation.

The winner will receive:
• $1,000 to support travel costs to The Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice
• An Award Certificate
• Recognition in Voice Foundation materials
• A letter will be sent to the winner’s program director recognizing his or her accomplishment.


2014 Edwin Yiu, Hong Kong
2013 Christian Herbst, Austria
2012 Laura Enflo, Sweden

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