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Voice Therapy – An Aspect of Speech and Language Therapy
Voice therapy is one type of a group of treatments known as speech and language therapy, which is directed at treating a broad spectrum of communication disorders. Most types of speech and language therapy (including voice therapy) are provided by speech-language pathologists.

Voice Rehabilitation
The general goal of voice therapy is to rehabilitate the patient’s voice to a level of function that enables the patient to fulfill his or her daily voice and/or speech communication needs.

Elements of Voice Therapy
Voice therapy can include:

  • Learning how the voice works and how it can be injured
  • Vocal hygiene (a program of daily voice care)
  • Vocal and/or respiratory exercises
  • Home practice

Success Factors
The success of voice therapy is dependent upon:

  • Correct medical diagnosis
  • Proper functional assessment of voice use
  • The therapist’s knowledge and skill
  • Patient compliance

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