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Prevention of Voice Disorders – Avoid Risk Factors and Maintain Voice Health
Most voice disorders are preventable. Strategies that raise patient awareness of voice disorders and voice health play key roles in the prevention of voice disorders.

Voice Health Through Vocal Hygiene – Not Just for Performing Artists
Voice health as a part of good health is not just for voice professionals. Just as hygiene plays a key role in general health issues and the prevention of diseases, vocal hygiene plays a key role in voice preservation and the prevention of voice disorders.

Components of Vocal Hygiene
Components of vocal hygiene are:

  • Healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Voice warm-ups before use
  • Voice training on proper technique to meet voice demands
  • Voice exercise to improve endurance and power
  • Proper voice use and avoidance of voice misuse and overuse

Remembering Steps for Vocal Hygiene 
V    Value your voice through healthy diet and lifestyle.

O    Optimize your voice with vocal warm-ups before use.

I      Invest in your voice with training in proper voice technique.

C    Cherish your voice by avoiding voice misuse, overuse, and abuse.

E    Exercise your voice to increase endurance and power.

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