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Image "A"Key Glossary Terms

Phonomicrosurgery: (phono + micro + surgery)
Highly specialized surgery to improve voice (phonosurgery) using microsurgical techniques and highly magnified views (microsurgery) in order to provide microscopic detail

Superficial Lamina Propria: (“Reinke’s space”)
Top layer of the laminae propria that plays a key role in vocal fold vibration; loosely structured; located just underneath the cell lining (epithelium) covering the vocal fold


In Brief
Phonomicrosurgery is a specialized form of phonosurgery. In phonomicrosurgery, surgeon-voice specialists use microsurgical techniques and instruments to treat abnormalities on the vibratory edge of the vocal fold, thus helping a patient regain or improve voice function.

Phonosurgery: surgery to improve voice
Microsurgery: surgery performed with microscopic detail; the location of the procedure is viewed through an operating microscope, and the procedure is performed using microsurgical instruments

Recent Advances
Increased understanding of voice function and new instrumentation have allowed phonomicrosurgery to become an effective treatment option for patients with certain voice disorders that are due to vocal fold abnormalities and that have not responded to medical or voice therapy.

Need for Voice Therapy
Most patients who require phonomicrosurgery will also require post-surgical voice therapy.

Working Philosophy
In order to improve voice function in patients with voice disorders, the surgeon must remove the abnormal tissue while preserving the normal surrounding tissues. The use of magnification and fine microsurgical instruments makes this possible.

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