Collegium Medicorum Theatri

Opening the 48th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice Welcome to CoMeT

Collegium Medicorum Theatri holds its 2019 meeting in the historic and beautiful Center City, Philadelphia

Wednesday, May 29th, 8am – 12:00pm




Conference Hotel: The Westin Philadelphia
99 South 17th Street at Liberty Place
Philadelphia, PA 19103  United States
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The Collegium Medicorum Theatri is composed of voice professionals from different cities of the world, connected with major theaters, operas, or conservatories.
The organization seeks to encourage scientific investigation, further clinical studies, exchange knowledge and ideas and develop educational activities in the field of professional voice care medicine.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (Program to be announced)
The educational activites shall include distribution of information about the vocal problems of singers and actors through the following media:

  1. Communications via the societies of otorhinolaryngology and phoniatry of the different countries and via specialty journals.
  2. Courses by one or more Fellows for the purpose of distributing current knowledge among physicians, scientists, voice coaches, artists, and students on subjects of interest to the Collegium;
  3. The publication of a specialized page, a bulletin, or a newsletter in an internationally recognized journal.
  4. All papers shall be presented in English.
  • Eugenia Chávez Calderón de Bartelt, MD, PhD.President
  • Josef Schlömicher-Thier, MD, Secretary General
  • Philippe H. DeJonckere, MD, PhD, Treasurer
  • Adi Primo-Fever , PhD, Membership Secretary
  • Markus Hess, MD, PhD, Past-President

Eugenia Chávez Calderón de Bartelt and the new board want to thank all of CoMeT for the confidence and is looking forward to exciting years.

Here you can read more about the new board members!

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