2024 Voice Workshops

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Directions and Map to the Academy of Vocal Arts 

The 2024 Workshops

May 31st at the Academy of Vocal Arts
1920 Spruce St., Philadelphia PA 19103
Thirty-five Voice Workshops in Five Sessions.
Attend one workshop per session (5 sessions) for a total of $100.

Twenty-First Century Teaching – Moving Away from “Classical” Foundations
Jeanie LoVetri

Implementing Mindfulness Practice in the Rehabilitation of the Professional Voice User
Sarah McDowell, SLP, MS,  Maurice Goodwin, CCC-SLP, MS

Goal Setting for the Singing Voice Specialist: A Practical Framework for Working with Singers
Rachel Goldenberg, SLP, DMA, MM, BM, Brittani Farrell, CCC-SLP, MM, MS

What Do My Feet Have to Do With My Jaw? Improving Habits of Stance and Alignment to Facilitate Jaw Release
Ruth Williams Hennessy, MM

Integrative Training and the Essential Role of Cross-Disciplinary Discussion
Joan Melton, PhD, MM, BM

How to Deliver Conversation Training Therapy using Standard Terminology from the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System
Jeremy Wolfberg, CCC-SLP, SLP, MS, Amanda Gillespie, PhD, CCC-SLP, Jacqueline Gartner-Schmidt, PhD, CCC-SLP, Jarrad Van Stan, PhD, CCC-SLP

How to Teach the Black American Vocal Music Aesthetic to Create Culturally Authentic Singers
Alison Crockett, MM, BM

An Exploration of Marking in the Studio and in the Clinic: A Workshop for Singers, Voice Teachers, and Speech Language Pathologists
Jacob Wright, SLP, MM, MS, Sarah Hoch, CCC-SLP, SLP, MS, BA, Edie Hapner, PhD, CCC-SLP

M1, M2 And Scream!
Nicolas Hormazabal

Getting Useful Feedback from a Machine; Mapping Register Limits, Overlap, Characteristic Qualities and Transitions.
Peter Pabon, PhD

Laryngeal Awareness Through Manual Therapy
Walt Fritz

Body Awareness and Neurodivergent Singers
Thaddaeus Bourne, DMA

Troubleshooting Perioperative Care for the Professional Voice User
Austin Collum, CCC-SLP, Juliana Codino, PhD, CCC-SLP, Sarah McDowell, SLP, MS, Paige Valente, SLP, Liz Erardi, SLP

Let’s Yodel: Using Register Switching to Facilitate Registration Outcomes with CCM and Classical Singers
Amelia A. Rollings Bigler, PhD, MM, BM

Re-Imagining the Vocal Ensemble: Differentiated Strategies in a “Triple Treat” Approach to Learning: Promoting Student Agency via Vocal Development and Musical Exploration
Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, DM, MM, Chris Citera, MM, BM, Emiily Hudson, MM, BM

Breaking Down Barriers to Consistent Practice using Motivational Interviewing
Lauren Timmons Sund, CCC-SLP, MS, BM, M. Eugenia Castro, CCC-SLP, MS

Pure Sound vs. Rough Sensation: Sorting the sensations of the sung tone
Chadley Ballantyne, DMA, MM

Yoga and Voice: A Somatic-Cognitive Learning Approach
Kenneth Tom, PhD, CCC-SLP, SLP

Closing the Gap: Creaky Voice Exercises to Improve Adduction
Lori Sonnenberg, CCC-SLP, MM, BM

Exercise Physiology for Voice & Swallowing: Modifying Our Exercises With Physiology Principles
Claire Ligon, CCC-SLP Practical Studio Pedagogy Incorporating Recent Onset Research
Kourtney Austin, PhD, BS

Legato Then and Now, Vibrato Edition: A close-up of what happens between the pitches in the classical bel canto tradition
Rachelle Jonck, BM, Theodora Nestorova, MM, BM, Alice Del Simone, MM, BS, BA

Giving Voice to Young Children – A Cognitive Approach to Pediatric Voice Therapy – How Is It Done?
Hagar Feinstein, PhD, SLP

Vocal Reconditioning Programs for Professional Performers
Evan Kennedy, CCC-SLP, BS,  Holly Reckers, CCC-SLP, BM

Applications of Meditation and Clinical Hypnosis in Voice Care
Carissa Maira, CCC-SLP, Christie Block, CCC-SLP

How Your Voice Can Help You Develop Effective Communication
Deborah Feijó, SLP, MS

Empowering Voices: Creating Safe and Joyful Spaces for Gender-Expansive Clients and Patients
Felicia François, CCC-SLP, MS, BM, Kacie La Forest, CCC-SLP,  Nicolas Valdez, MS, BM

How to Use Coaching Strategies for Voice Therapy and Training.
Mara Behlau, PhD

Is There Still a Place for “Placement” in the Voice Studio?
Brian Manternach, DM, MM, BA

Technical and Artistic Adjustments: A Double-Swinging Doorway
David Sisco, MM

Enhancing the Phonatory System through “Sensory Bombardment” of Receptors.
Ruth Suarez,  Carmen Paula Romero, BM

Demystifying Mindfulness
Kiley Hazelton Herr, SLP, MM, BM, Miriam van Mersbergen, PhD, CCC-SLP

Effective Tools and Strategies for Musical Theater Registration Cultivation in Cis-Female Voices through Neutral, Binary, and Flexible Voice Models
Kevin Wilson, MM, BM

High-Speed Videoendoscopy: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Workshop
Rita Patel, PhD, Michael Döllinger, PhD

Working with Ogres, Trolls, Orcs and Other Related Monsters
M. Eugenia Castro, CCC-SLP, MS, Megan Urbano, CCC-SLP, MS

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