New Investigator Forum Call for Presentations

The Voice Foundation’s 53rd Anniversary Symposium:
Care of the Professional Voice
May 29th – June 2nd, 2024


The two investigators chosen to participate will receive gratis registration.

About the New Investigator Research Forum – the following questions are answered below.

Who can submit a proposal to the Forum?
Proposals are encouraged from any “new” investigator in the areas of normal voice science, voice disorders, care of the professional voice, otolaryngology, or vocal arts for theatre, singing, and pedagogy. A “new” investigator may be a doctoral student or a recent doctoral-level graduate.

What should an author prepare in the proposal?
To be considered for the New Investigator Research Forum, an author should submit a 3-page summary of the research/experiment including:

·Research question(s) with brief background information about the project
·Description of methodology (the most common place where feedback is given)
·Possible questions for the panel
·A 2-page curriculum vitae
·Contact information: e-mail, fax, day & night phone numbers, and home & work addresses.

When will authors be notified if selected to participate?
Authors will be notified by April 1st by e-mail.

What is required after selection?

Authors are then required to submit a 10-page document describing their project in detail by May 1st. This document will describe the entire project including subject selection, complete methodology, proposed timeline, description of instrumentation used, pilot data (if appropriate) and specific questions for the panel to address. The panel receives this document by May 15th to prepare feedback for the authors. The authors then present a 5-7 minute synopsis of the project during the Symposium and the panel provides constructive feedback for 20 minutes.

Where do I send my initial proposal?
Submit proposals via e-mail only to Rita R. Patel, Coordinator, New Investigator Research Forum

Who do I contact for more information?
Rita R. Patel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Session Coordinator
e-mail me

The Voice Foundation
219 N. Broad Street, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA
phone: 215-735-7999

What is the New Investigator Research Forum?
The goal of this session is to provide two new investigators (i.e., students or recent graduates) with peer review of a research project either about to begin or minimally in progress (but not finished).

  • The authors present a 5-7 minute description of the research project. A panel of accomplished researchers provides feedback to strengthen the study and answers specific questions from the new investigator. Examples of appropriate research studies for presentation may include pilot projects for doctoral dissertations (where changes are necessary), initial projects in a new investigator’s recently developed line of research, or any other research experiment in which a new investigator would like feedback.
  • Proposals should reflect the theme of the symposium: voice, voice disorders, speech-language pathology (related to voice & voice disorders), care of the professional voice, pedagogy, laryngology, or singing.
  • Experiments that are near finished or will be finished by June of the same Symposium year are not appropriate for this forum.
  • Papers submitted to this forum should not be completed research projects.

    Who serves on the panel?
    5-10 members of the Advisory Board of The Voice Foundation and other invited guests serve on the panel. All panel members are researchers, scientists, and/or clinicians with accomplished careers in research in the areas of voice, voice disorders, speech-language pathology (related to voice & voice disorders), care of the professional voice, pedagogy, laryngology, or singing.

The panel is different every year but has included scientists, singers, and clinicians such as:
Dr. Ronald Scherer, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, OH
Dr. Robert T. Sataloff, The Voice Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Katherine Verdolini, University of Delaware, DE
Dr. Michael Benninger, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Dr. Johan Sundberg, KTH Voice Research Center, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Molly Erickson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Dr. Thomas Murry, Columbia University, New York, NY

2023 New Investigator Forum Participants

The Voice Foundation wishes to thank presenters Charles Nudelman and Francisco Contreras-Ruston and panelists Mara Behlau, PhD; Christian Herbst, PhD; David Meyer, DM; Shigeru Hirano, MD and Rita R. Patel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Chair), for their participation in the 2023 Forum. Our thanks to Molly Erickson, PhD, for her work in helping the transition of our new committee chair.