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Is There an Improvement on Acoustic Voice Parameters in Patients with Bilateral Vocal Fold Nodules after Voice Therapy? A Meta-Analysis
Rita Alegria, SLP, Susana Vaz-Freitas, PhD, Maria Conceição Manso, PhD


Perceptual-Auditory and Acoustic Analysis of the Voice of Wind Instrumentalists Pre- and Post-Musical Rehearsal
Magda D. Duarte Alves, MS, Mara Behlau, PhD




Role of Warm-Ups in the Development of Children’s Singing Voice
Andrea Asztalos, PhD




Revisiting Nasalance in the Tenor Passaggio: Is it perceptible to Voice Teachers?
Carl Belfatti, MA




Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Chilean Version of Evaluation of Ability to Sing Easily: EASE
Soledad Correa, SLP, Jean Pierre Contreras, SLP, Daniela Olivares, SLP, Nicolás Cano, SLP



Nonlinear Analysis by Phase Space Reconstruction in Voice Signals with Benign Laryngeal Lesions
Lídia Cristina da Silva Teles, PhD, Mariana Ferreira Gonçalves, MS, Debora Godoy Galdino, PhD, Arlindo Neto Montagnolli, PhD, Vinicius Vieira, PhD








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