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Voice Science as a Collaborative Endeavor


Broadening the Circle, the Formative Years and the Future of The Voice Foundation

Broadening the Circleby Martha Howe

Broadening the Circle, the Formative Years and the Future of The Voice Foundation brings to life the tumultuous formation of voice science as a collaborative endeavor. Through interviews with 24 top scientists, physicians, SLPs, and pedagogues, it outlines the growing edges of the science, along with ideas from these top minds that move outside the box. It includes the experiences that led them into the field, and their thoughts on breath, performance, belting, Laryngology and vocal health.

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MarthaSignBookJune 2015
156 pages
SBN 978-1-909082-50-2
Color illustrations
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Raison d’Etre and AcknowledgementsMartha_Mara
Abbreviations and Full Names

  1. Provenance
  2. War of the Words
  3. Early Days

Back-Stories: R. J. Baken, Lucille Rubin, Cynthia Hoffmann, John A. Haskell

  1. Master of Mindfulness
  2. Ripple Effect

Back-Stories: Katherine Ardo, C. Richard Stasney, Gwen Korovin, Ingo Titze, John Rubin

  1. Fiberoptics – Getting Behind the Curtain
  2. The Art of Laryngology…
  3. … A Surgical Specialty

Back-Stories: Robert T. Sataloff, Linda M. Carroll, William Riley, Mary Hawkshaw

  1. Educating Each Other
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Balance of Culture and Science

Back-Stories: Johan Sundberg, Raymond H. Colton, Harvey M. Tucker, Ronald C. Scherer

  1. Seeing Sound
  2. Greater Resolution and Precision
  3. Exploring Beyond Habit

Back-Stories: Bonnie Raphael, Mara Behlau, Harolyn Blackwell, Christine Sapienza

  1. Breath – There Be Dragons
  2. In the Trenches

Back-Stories: Michael Benninger, Jeannette LoVetri, Peak Woo

  1. To-do List
  2. Outside the Box
  3. Broadening the Circle


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About the Author

MarthaHowePortraitAttending her first TVF Symposium in 2011 was a revelatory experience for Martha Howe. An elite performer for over three decades on opera, concert and recital stages, Martha was leery of “too much science” in the art of singing. What she found, was philosopher-scientists, singing-scientists, performers turned scientists, and an array of curious researchers creating practical experiments. The resulting body of knowledge transformed her understanding of her own voice and of the voices she taught in studio. It turns out that there are still plenty of mysteries, and the deeper understanding only adds to the ability to create art.






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