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The Low Mandible Maneuver and Its Resonential Implications for Elite Singers
Online Extra
Angelika Nair, Garyth Nair, Gernot Reishofer
Vol. 30, Issue 1, p128.e13–128.e32
Published online: October 13 2015
Habitual Use of Vocal Fry in Young Adult Female Speakers
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Lesley Wolk, Nassima B. Abdelli-Beruh, Dianne Slavin
Vol. 26, Issue 3, e111–e116
Published online: September 15 2011
Vocal Qualities in Music Theater Voice: Perceptions of Expert Pedagogues
Online Extra
Tracy Bourne, Dianna Kenny
Vol. 30, Issue 1, p128.e1–128.e12
Published online: April 13 2015
The Flow and Pressure Relationships in Different Tubes Commonly Used for Semi-occluded Vocal Tract Exercises
Pedro Amarante Andrade, Greta Wistbacka, Hans Larsson, Maria Södersten, Britta Hammarberg, Susanna Simberg, Jan G. Švec, Svante Granqvist
Vol. 30, Issue 1, p36–41
Published online: April 11 2015
Relationship Between Subglottal Pressure and Sound Pressure Level in Untrained Voices
Staffan Björklund, Johan Sundberg
Vol. 30, Issue 1, p15–20
Published online: April 23 2015

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