Newsletter: Spasmodic Dysphonia

photo, Nadine Connor
Editor, Nadine Connor, PhD

Spasmodic Dysphonia: Exploring Aspects of the Disorder with Research, Clinical Care and Patient Stories

with articles by…
Seth Dailey, MD
Matt Anfang
Kristina Simonyan, MD
Kimberly Kuman
Charlie Reavis

You WILL want to Get your fall newsletter by Editor Nadine Connor, PhD. It is informative and will appeal to readers at all levels. The mix of clinical issues, cutting edge research, patient stories, and advocacy is really outstanding.

Our thanks to Dr. Connor, who has delivered top issues of The Voice since 2010. This is her last issue. Mary Sandage, PhD will carry on as Editor, along with our other great editor, Kim Steinhauer, PhD. Look forward to Dr. Steinhauer’s newletter in the winter 2015!
And when your interest in piqued by this professional information, look through the archives for more.

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