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Corporate Partner: Wevosys 3 new apps

WEVOSYS_Corporate_Sponsor_300_250WEVOSYS is a global provider of modern professional digital systems for speech and voice assessment, documentation and biofeedback – Made in Germany. Systems like lingWAVES are acknowledged as the modern standard for professional clinical users worldwide with full range of service and support. A continuous development since 1995 assures high quality, up-to-date and durable products.
WEVOSYS | T: +49-9191-977880 | Oberer Schulweg 15 | 91301 Forchheim | Germany | www.wevosys.com
3 brand new apps are available for iPad, iPhone from WEVOSYS:

  1. Hörtest Spiel: Hörscreening für Patienten *Audiometry Game: test/screening of hearing (FREE test)
  2. RBH – lernen und üben: Sicher Patientenstimmen einschätzen Rauheit, Behauchtheit, Heiserkeit *RBH – Learning and Practice (GRBAS): Perceptual voice assessment, learn from experts, become an expert, roughness, breathiness, hoarseness (FREE test)
  3. Spectro Real: Stimme/Sprache in Echtzeit darstellen als Spektrogramm, Frequenzen ausmessen *Spectro Real: Shows voice/speech as a real time spectrogram with frequency measuring (FREE app)

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