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Best Student & Poster Awards

Matthew_SchlonegerBest Student Award

Matthew Schloneger was the winner of the first annual Best Student Presentation Award sponsored by Dr. Abdul-Latif Hamdan.

  • Assessments of Voice Use and Voice Quality Among College/University Singing Students Ages 18-24 Through Ambulatory Monitoring with an Unfiltered Accelerometer Signal
    Matthew Schloneger, Eric Hunter

Poster Awards

2015 Poster Session and Awards were sponsored by PENTAX Medical

First Place

  • Acoustical Bases for the Perception of Vibrato as a Model of Vocal Tremor
    Rosemary A. Lester, Brad H. Story

Second Place

  • Effects of a Cognitively Demanding Task on Spectral-Cepstral Acoustic Features of Voice in Healthy Young Adults
    Megan K. MacPherson, Carolyn M. Michener, Cara E. Stepp

Third Place

  • An iOS-based Cepstral Peak Prominence App: Usability and Feasibility for Patient Practice of Voice Therapy Technique
    Eva Van Leer, Xuefu Zhou

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