Best Student Award

Matteo Scalabrin, 2018 Best Student Presentation

A generous endowment by TVF Board of Directors member Dr. Abdul-latif Hamdan enables us to recognize excellence among students presenting research at the Symposium with a $1,000 Award. This year we have expanded our committee to include six (6) judges (including Chair, Dr. Shaheen Awan) and I am very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2018 Best Student Award  at the The 47th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice with highest median and mean scores across the judges is: Matteo Scalabrin.

Sunday June 3, 2018 Voice Pedagogy Session IA

1:20pm     Inspiratory Vocal Fry: Anatomical and Physiological Aspects and Application in Speech Therapy, Vocal Pedagogy and Singing: A Pilot Study
Matteo Scalabrin, Luca Carrozza, SLP, Elisabetta Rosa, SLP,  Nico Paolo Paolillo, MD

Honorable Mention for 2nd and 3rd Pace, respectively:

Sara D’Amario

A Longitudinal Study of Intonation in a Cappella Quintet Singing
Sara D’Amario, MA, David M. Howard, PhD,  Helena Daffern, PhD

Heather Smith

Sunday June 3, 2018 Voice Pedagogy Session IB
1:10p             Vocal Health: Awareness and Perceptions in Undergraduate Vocal Music and Theatre Majors
Heather Smith, BA, Brenda Louw, D. Phil, Sun-Joo Oh, DMA, Chaya Nanjundeswaran, PhD

Sheehan Awan, PhD: “Thanks again to the committee Jeanette LoVetri, Stephanie Misono, MD, Claudia Eckley, MD, Lydnsay Madden, DO, Peter Popolo, PhD, for taking the time to evaluate these impressive presentations.  Thanks as always to Maria Russo for her help in organizing the presentations to be rated and, of course, thanks to Dr. Abdul-latif Hamdan for sponsoring “Best Student Award” of $1000 dollars.”

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