Board of Directors elections and the addition of a new member to the board

As of June 2, 2013, Michael S. Benninger, M.D., will be stepping down from his role of Chair of the Advisory Board and will be stepping up in his new role as Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

Congratulations to the new Chair of the Advisory Board,  Michael M. Johns, III, M.D.  With his winning vision for the future and proposed initiatives, we anticipate an exciting and productive path into the future.

Board member Mary Hawkshaw was elected to serve as Secretary.

Dr. Robert Sataloff, Chairman, Leon Fassler, President, and Brian P. Flaherty, Esq, Treasurer and General Council were re-elected to their respective positions.

It is our pleasure to welcome a new member of the board, our Voice Foundation 2012 VERA Award Recipient, Michael Sheehan. He has been training CEO’s policy makers and political leaders for more than twenty-five years. One of America’s leading communications trainers and strategists, his expertise embraces every format and every forum whether media interview, major speech or high-stakes Q&A. His ability to help people communicate at the highest possible level was dubbed by New York Magazine as “the Sheehan effect.” Michael regularly guest lectures at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Northwestern University, as well as Yale, where he is currently a lecturer. He has received the Individual Achievement Award from the ASHA.

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