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Journal of Voice’s Current Most Read Articles The Low Mandible Maneuver and Its Resonential Implications for Elite Singers Angelika Nair, Garyth Nair, Gernot Reishofer Vol. 30, Issue 1, p128.e13–128.e32 Published online: October 13 2015 AbstractFull-Text HTMLPDF Habitual Use of Vocal Fry in Young Adult Female Speakers Lesley Wolk, Nassima B. Abdelli-Beruh, Dianne Slavin Vol. 26,…


Matthew Hoch wins Van Lawrence Fellowship

VAN L. LAWRENCE FELLOWSHIP sponsored jointly by the NATS Foundation and The Voice Foundation Matthew Hoch, DMA, had the winning proposal for the 2016 Van L. Lawrence Fellowship. He is an associate professor of voice and coordinator of the voice area in the Department of Music at Auburn University. “I would like to continue studying…

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