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“Technology has evolved over the last ten years so that there is now a procedure that can help me.”


“The most frustrating part about it for me is making a living because my voice is such a huge part of my identity.”


“It was very difficult for me to live with…difficult to be heard…unable to do the things that seem so natural.”


Herein, you will find actual narratives from people who have had problems with their voices and from individuals whose condition has been largely treated. The personal experiences shared in this library speak volumes about living with a voice condition. Most of the stories are short descriptions of specific symptoms or treatments or feelings. Although each person’s experience is unique, some messages are consistent: Voice is a vital part of our identity. Science has advanced and more treatment options have developed. And most importantly, don’t give up – seek diagnostic and treatment expertise.

You may relate to an example here. Many people find comfort knowing that other people are describing similar concerns and feelings, similar experiences. You may find the Resources section useful for suggestions on finding a voice specialist and perhaps access to the voice care community.

This compilation has been rewarding for us. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading and hearing these shared stories. If you would like to share your experiences through The Voice Problem Website, please contact us at[email protected].


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