Editorial: Singing and the Pandemic

Singing and the Pandemic: Return to Performance? Note: This editorial article is intended for use in multiple publications in order to disseminate important information as widely as possible. The copyright is held by The Voice Foundation.  This document is being made available for unrestricted use at no cost. It should be acknowledged as “republished with…


World Voice Day 2021 Join Me, Join Us at 7:00 PM EDT!! Translation English – Spanish.  WORLD VOICE DAY Symposium with TVF Mexico Chapter on Friday, April 16th. With translation into Spanish. FREE FOR ALL. 7-10:30PM EDT. Registration: HERE Hola invitamos a todos los cantantes, actores, locutores, maestros de canto, médicos foniatras, laringólogos, otorrinolaringólogos, terapeutas…

Audio Pronunciation Guide

  Practical Tool to Prepare Your Presentations is a free training center teaching the correct pronunciation of medical/voice terminology. English is famously difficult to pronounce and specialty words all the more so. This is a vast trove of recorded words, spoken by both a male and a female, to be used in preparing your presentations….

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