The Voice Foundation 2017 46th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

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2017 Tutorials

Tutorials take place on the first day of the Symposium to help prepare attendees for the research papers on subsequent days. They typically include Anatomy and Physiology of the Voice and Production and Perception of the Voice.

An Overview
Anatomy and Physiology of Phonation
Robert Sataloff, MD, DMA, FACS

An Overview (Larson, Sundberg)
Production and Perception of Voice I

NEURO – Charles Larson, PhD

RESPIRATION – Johan Sundberg, PhD


An Overview (Scherer, Ternström, Shrivastav, Riley)
Production and Perception of Voice II

PHONATION – Ronald S. Scherer, PhD

VOCAL TRACT – Sten Ternström, PhD,


PERCEPTION – Rahul Shrivastav, PhD



VOICE PEDAGOGY – William Riley, MM



Robert Zatorre, PhDKeynote Speech 2017, Robert Zatorre, PhD
Perception , Production and Pleasure: The Neuroscience of Music


G. Paul Moore Lecture: Sten Ternström
Mind the Gap


Quintana Research Award Lecture 2017,  Dimitar Deliyski, PhD
for engineering contributions to voice science
An Engineeer in Dysphonialand

Panels, Special Sessions

Panel: Lana Shekim, PhD, Michael M. Johns, MD
NIH Research Training and Research Career Opportunities



Friday Morning Special Session:

PART I: Transgender Voice: Insights and Updates
Nancy Pearl Solomon, Moderator

Care of the Transgender Voice: Historical Context  –  Nancy Pearl Solomon, PhD
Managing Gender Dysphoria: From Childhood to Old Age – Wylie Hembree, MD
Laryngel Surgery from Male to Female Gender Reassignment  –  Robert T. Sataloff, MD
Selecting Targets for Transgender Voice and Communication Training – Jennifer Oates, PhD

PART II: Transgender Voice: Insights and Updates

Evaluating Transgender Voice and Communication -Georgia Dacakis, MEd
Current perspectives and future directions for Transgender Voice Care – Adrienne Hancock, PhD
Panel Discussion

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