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Neurological Voice Disorders:
Voice problems caused by abnormal control, coordination, or strength of voice box muscles due to an underlying neurological disease such as: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, or ALS

Difficulty forming words – presenting with imprecise consonants and hard-to-understand speech as seen with stroke patients

Speech Disorder:
Malfunction of the tongue and/or lip muscles resulting in garbled words or parts or words.


Voice Symptom Is Clue to Neurological Disorder

Voice disturbance can be the first sign of a neurological disease.

Neurological Voice Disorders Accompanied by Other Symptoms

  • Although a change in voice can be the primary component of a neurological disease, other accompanying signs and symptoms are usually present as well.

Key Clues Obtained From History and Physical Examination
Neurological voice problems are primarily diagnosed via patient history and physical examination.

Treatment for Neurological Voice Disorders Aimed at Improving Voice Function

  • Usually, there is no specific cure for the underlying neurological disease; treatment is typically aimed at minimizing symptoms and improving function. Treatment may involve care from a speech-language pathologist and an otolaryngologist.

Improving Voice and Speech Function Can Improve Quality of Life

  • As patients’ life expectancy and prognoses from the neurological disease improve, quality of life issues such as voice and communication become more important problems to address.

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