Workshop Presenter Request Form (Required of all presenters, even if  you have no special needs)

ASHA Form (One is required of all presenters)

Dear “Live” Workshop Presenters:

Congratulations on the acceptance of your workshop abstracts and thank you all for agreeing to so generously share your experience and knowledge in all matters voice at The Voice Foundation Symposium.
The more detailed the information you are able to provide on your workshop request forms, the better we can try and meet your needs.

Those not respecting the request to do a participatory workshop will be cut for future years.

The following 3 points require your attention and compliance:

1. As you all know, these workshops are intended to be hands-on, real-time demonstrations of techniques, exercises and realized concepts. These are not lecture formats and we would respectfully ask you to limit strictly verbal delivery of information to a minimum.  We recognize that a certain amount of explanation must accompany the demonstrations. However, any information that could just as easily be delivered in written form should be provided in a hand-out.  Excessive lecturing is a recurrent complaint from attendees and, in part, determines future workshop choices.

2. Due to Continuing Education Governance Rules, Presenters are restricted from using  workshops as an opportunity to promote a particular commercial property, materials, books or upcoming workshops or lectures. These workshops cannot be used to provide Presenters with the opportunity for financial gain. This is a long-standing rule that we must ask you to respect.  Please note that by signing the forms to participate, Presenters are legally agreeing to this arrangement.

3. As any of you who have attended the workshops in the past are aware, we have struggled with space limitations. The reason for this is strictly monetary.  Year-round, The Voice Foundation is doing a Herculean job with very little funding. The Academy of Vocal Arts generously donates the use of their facilities, saving The Voice Foundation thousands of dollars.  There are still going to be workshops that cannot comfortably accommodate all who wish to participate. We will do our best to try to anticipate attendance based on previous years’ numbers in making room assignments. 

Workshop Presenter Request Form