The Sataloff Award for Young Investigators

2023 winner Ümit Daşdöğen, Ph.D., MSc. SLP
“The Influence of Multisensory Input on Voice Perception and Production Using Immersive Virtual Reality”

co-sponsored by Elsevier and The Voice Foundation, recognizes excellence among young researchers. The first Annual Sataloff Award was presented in 2009.

This award is open to investigators who completed their training (including fellowship) no more than five years ago. Investigators must present new research for publication in Journal of Voice.

TO ENTER, include the following:

  1. Submit your abstract for presentation (oral or poster) in the upcoming symposium. Submission deadline is October 31.
  2. The nominees must self-nominate with a Letter of intent to the committee by February 15th. Send your letter of intent to [email protected]
  3. In one combined PDF – submit the letter with a short paragraph about your training and mentioning your research and  a copy of your accepted abstract.
  4. Submit your completed papers
    1. to the committee
    2. and to Journal of Voice by April 1st.

The winner will be selected by an Advisory Board committee headed by  Norman Hogikyan, MD, and will be notified by The Voice Foundation.


• Airfare, hotel, and registration for the Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice
• An Award Certificate
• Recognition in the Journal of Voice and Voice Foundation materials.

2022 winner Amhed M. Yousef, MSc, Michigan State University, “Deep-Learning-Based Representation of Vocal Fold Dynamics in Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia during Connected Speech in High-Speed Videoendoscopy”

2021 Elizabeth S. Heller Murray, PhD, CCC-SLP, (USA) Assistant Professor, Temple University
“The Relationships among Vocal Variability, Vocal-Articulatory Coordination, and Dysphonia in Children”
Elizabeth S. Heller Murray, Andie Chao
2020 Melissa Treinkman, DMA, (USA), Singer, Voice Teacher, Researcher
“Focus of Attention in Voice Training: A Survey of Singers”
Melissa Treinkman
2019 Hamzeh Ghasemzadeh, Michigan State University PhD Student, USA
“Method for Vertical Calibration of Laser-Projection Transnasal Fiberoptic High-Speed Videoendoscopy”
Hamzeh Ghasemzadeh, Dimitar D. Deliyski, David S. Ford, James B. Kobler , Robert E. Hillman, Daryush D. Mehta
2018 Pravin Kumar S, PhD (Czech Republic/India)
“Evaluation of Sharpness of Lateral Peaks of the Vocal Fold Vibrations in High-Speed Videokymographic Images”
(Pravin Kumar S, Ketaki Vasant Phadke, Jitka Vydrová, Adam Novozámský, Aleš Zita, Barbara Zitová, Jan G. Švec)
2017 Maryam Naghibolhosseini, PhD (USA)
“Temporal Segmentation for Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy in Connected Speech”
(Maryam Naghibolhosseini, PhD, Dimitar Deliyski, PhD, Stephanie R.C. Zacharias, PhD, Alessandro de Alarcon, MD, Robert F. Orlikoff, PhD)
Image of Hamdan Award Winner2016 Christian Herbst, PhD (Austria)
“Phasegram Analysis of Vocal Fold Vibration Documented With Laryngeal High-speed Video Endoscopy”
(Christian T. Herbst, Jakob Unger, Hanspeter Herzel, Jan G. Švec, Jörg Lohscheller)
2015 Stephanie Misono, MD (USA)
“New Perspective on Psychosocial Distress in Patients with Dysphonia: The Moderating Role of Perceived Control”
(Stephanie Misono, Liza Meredith, Carol B. Peterson, Patricia A. Frazier)
Jessica Sofranko photo2014 Jessica Sofranko-Kisenwether, PhD, CCC-SLP (USA)
“The Effect of Levels and Types of Experience on Judgment of Synthesized Voice Quality”
(Jessica L. Sofranko, Robert A. Prosek)
Image of Sataloff Award winner Aaron Johnson2013 Aaron Johnson, PhD, MM (USA)
“Vocal Training Mitigates the Effects of Age on Rat Vocalizations and Laryngeal Neuromuscular Junctions”
(Aaron M. Johnson, Michelle R. Ciucci, Nadine P. Connor)
2012 Matthew Hoffman, MD (USA)
“Evaluation of Auditory and Visual Feedback for Airflow Interruption”
(Matthew R. Hoffman, Adam L. Rieves, Ketan Surender, Erin E. Devine, Jack J. Jiang)
2011 Satoshi Ohno, MD, PhD (Japan)
“Transforming Growth Factor beta3 for the Prevention of Vocal Fold Scarring”
(Satoshi Ohno, Shigeru Hirano, Shin-ichi Kanemaru, Ichiro Tateya, Shinpei Kada, Juichi Ito)
2010 Rosiane Yamasaki, PhD (Brazil)
2009 Heather Shaw Bonilha, PhD, CCC-SLP (USA)
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA
“A Trial of Four Tremor Control Techniques”
Bonilha, Heather S, Halstead, Lucinda