The Quintana Research Award

The Quintana Research Award  is an engineering award, recognizing those who design or utilize technology and apply engineering principles that provide further understanding of the voice. As of 2014, the award will be given yearly, with exceptions.  The committee chair is Ronald C. Scherer and includes past Quintana Awardees: Dimitar Deliyski, Mara Behlau, Jan Svec, Seiji Niimi, Jack Jiang, Luc Mongeau, and Johan Sundberg

Quintana Research Award 2018 – Luc Mongeau, PhD and Robert Sataloff, MD

2023 Robert Hillman, PhD, CC-SLP

2022 Zhaoyan Zhang, PhD

2021 Jack Jiang, PhD

2020 Seiji Niimi, MD, PhD

2019 Virtual Symposium – no lecture

2018 Luc Mongeau, PhD

2017 Dimitar Deliyski, PhD

2016 RJ Baken

2015 Ulrich Eysholdt

2014 Fari Alipour

Robert Sataloff, MD and 2016 Quintana Award Lecturer Dimitar Deliyski, PhD

2012 Kiyoshi Honda

2010 Harm K. Schutte

2008 Johan Sundberg

2006 Masayuki Sawashima

2004 Adrian Fourcin

2000 Donald Childers

1997 Aatto Sonninen

1995 Jan Gauffin

2016 Awardee RJ Baken, PhD with committee members Jan Svec, PhD Mara Behlau, PhD and Ron Scherer, PhD.

1993 Martin Rothenberg

1992 Kenneth Stevens

1991 Ingo R. Titze

1990 Gunnar Fant

1989 Kenzo Ishizaka