Dr. Abdul-latif Hamdan has generously given The Voice Foundation an endowment to fund the Hamdan International Presenter Award for investigators traveling from outside the United States to present at The Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice.

This award is open to investigators who are accepted to present in the yearly Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice and who are coming from outside the United States.

International Presentation Award

To Enter: Please send the following in one pdf  to [email protected]

1. Letter of intent – a short paragraph about your training and mentioning your research
2. Your CV
3. A copy of your accepted abstract

The application deadline: is February 15th of the Symposium year.

Selection: The winner will be selected by a committee and will be notified by The Voice Foundation on or before April 15th.

Selection will be based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to the quality of the study or studies, the impact of investigation on the field of voice, and the complexity of the work. The award will be given to an investigator who is the PRESENTING Author (and preference will be given if it is also the First Author) traveling from overseas (anywhere outside ofNorth America) to the Annual meeting of The Voice Foundation.

The winner will receive:

• $1,000 to support travel costs to The Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

• An Award Certificate

• Recognition in Voice Foundation materials

• A letter will be sent to the winner’s program director recognizing his or her accomplishment.


2023 Leonardo Lopes, PhD, Brazil

“Different Performances of Machine Learning Models to Classify Dysphonic and Non-Dysphonic Voices”
Leonardo Lopes, PhD, Ronei Moraes, PhD, Danilo Leite, PhD

2022 Debra Jean Phyland, PhD, Australia
Introducing EAVE: A Self-Report Tool for Tracking the Perceived Physical Aspects of Vocal Function
Debra Jean Phyland, PhD, Nicole Free, SLP, Mara Behlau, PhD

2021 Filipa M.B. Lã, PhD, Portugal
The Effects of the Menopause and the Use of Hormonal Replacement Therapy on the Voice: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Filipa M.B. Lã, PhD, Diego Ardura, PhD

2020 Not Awarded at the Virtual Symposium

2019 Iris Meerschman, PhD, Belgium
”Innovative Service Delivery Models for Voice Therapy: The Patient’s Opinion
Iris Meerschman, Evelien D’haeseleer, Sofie Claeys, Kristiane Van Lierde

2018 Pravin Kumar Subbaraj, PhD, Czech Republic
Evaluation of Sharpness of Lateral Peaks of the Vocal Fold Vibrations in High-Speed Videokymographic Images
(Pravin Kumar Subbaraj, PhD, Ketaki Vasant Phadke, MSc, Jitka Vydrová, MD, Adam Novozámský, MEng, Barbara Zitová, PhD, Jan G. Svec, PhD et PhD)

2017 Claudio Stork, MD, Switzerland3D Analysis of the Movement of the Arytenoid Cartilage after Montgomery ThyroplastyType I
Claudio Storck, MD, Martin Luethi, MD, Jan Thommen, Flurin Honegger, PhD, Fabian Unteregger, MD

2016 Meike Brockman-Bauser, PhD, Switzerland
Acoustic Perturbation Measures Improve with Increasing Vocal Intensity in Healthy and Pathological Voices
Meike Brockmann-Bauser, PhD, Jörg E. Bohlender, MD, Daryush D. Mehta, PhD

Anna Rumbach, Australia, 2015

2015 Anna Rumbach, PhD, Australia
Prevention of Laryngeal Contractures After Ingestion and  Inhalation Injuries: Can Voice Therapy Help?
Anna Rumbach, Nicola Clayton

2014 Edwin Yiu, PhD, Hong Kong
Anti-Inflammatory and Wound Healing Effect of Acupuncture in Treating Phonotraumatic Vocal Fold Pathologies

Image of Hamdan Award Winner
2013 -Christian Herbst, PhD, Austria.

2013 Christian Herbst, PhD, Austria
Phasegram Analysis of Vocal Fold Vibration Documented With Laryngeal High-speed Video Endoscopy
Christian T. Herbst, Jakob Unger, Hanspeter Herzel, Jan G. Švec, Jörg Lohscheller

2012 Laura Enflo, Sweden