ABSTRACT SUBMISSION Papers, Posters, & Workshops
52nd Anniversary Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice
May 31 – June 4, 2023  Philadelphia, PA

Abstract Submission Opens September 15th 2023


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FOR 2022 will close on November 5th, 2021. Please EMAIL If You Have Any Questions.
The Voice Foundation will review all abstracts submitted and the first author will be notified of acceptance by January 31st.

Formatting instructions here
Abstract Submission regulations here

*INSTRUCTIONS:For each Abstract, fill out one form below.*
  • Title, Abstract and Authors with affiliation information.
    • Copy in Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions 
    • List each author separately with all affiliation and contact information on your abstract.
  • CATEGORY: Basic Science, Medical, Speech Language Pathology, Voice Pedagogy
  • TYPE of Presentation: Oral, Poster or Workshop –
  • POSTER WILLING? *Note: you do NOT better your chances for oral presentation if you indicate that you will not accept a poster presentation.
  • NUMBER of author(s) that have worked on the abstract. Only those who have made a substantial contribution to the manuscript (i.e., its conception, drafting, data analysis, major revisions) should be listed as authors. Recognition for other contributions (e.g., funding, data collection, research group supervision, etc.) may be given in a brief “Acknowledgments” paragraph. The submission form allows for seven authors. If you have more than seven, just include them on your abstract.

Information will be published exactly as it is submitted, including lack of capitalization and mistakes.

If you have any questions please contact the Voice Foundation directly at (215) 735-7999 or email abstracts@voicefoundation.org. Visit the Annual Symposium page for the most up-to-date information about the meeting. We look forward to greeting you in June!


Include the information at the bottom of the abstract for ALL AUTHORS including
Name, Degree(s), Job Title, Affiliation, Address of Affiliation, Email, Telephone. This form only asks information for the first two authors.

**If you have already submitted your abstract and need to make corrections, email us the revised abstract or author information in an email. Do NOT resubmit. Thank you.